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Vale Robyn Beeche

September 17, 2015

The IMAGES community was saddened to learn of the death in August this year of Robyn Beeche. Robyn’s photography was the subject of the 2009 IMAGES monograph, written by Stephen Crafti, entitled Robyn Beeche: Visage to Vraj. This colourful retrospective introduced me and many others to the life and work of this Australian photographer who “discovered a new world" when she ventured to London in the 1970s. Elaborate make-up, body paint, props, and costumes distinguished her work as unique at that time as she made a name for herself, not only from her toils for perfection in the creative workshop of her London studio in Thurloe Square, but also as she camped elbow-to-elbow among the photographers packed beside the runway shows there and...

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Innovation 2015

September 01, 2015

By Eva Maddox Photography by Josh White In 2015, design has found its way. The architects, designers, artists and others represented in Fifty Under Fifty are innovators of our time, offering in their work and actions a passion for life and humanity. They have shared with us, and the world, their desire and excitement for exponential learning. It is their individual curiosities, imaginations and talents that allow them to bridge disciplines, respect cultural norms, respond to human needs regardless of costs, harvest their craft, and adopt team transparency in their passion to create and solve problems with a clear mission. These new dimensions thrust them into the forefront of global design innovation. And never before has design innovation itself been...

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