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Our Collective Obsessions

April 21, 2016

by Stephen Crafti - This is an extract from Eclectic Collections. PEOPLE HAVE BEEN collecting things for centuries. Whether it’s something precious, or simply things that recall childhood memories, collecting can turn a simple hobby into a lifelong mission. What starts as a mild interest can, if left unchecked, turn into an obsession – always collecting the next piece of a much larger puzzle. The collectors featured in this book didn’t start out with the collections they have now. It could have started with a wrong turn that led them to an antique market or secondhand store. In the case of Sarah Guest, who collects Australian timber boxes, she was initially looking for a chest of drawers for her daughter and spied...

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Relocating Place, Form and Identity - Leading Innovation Today

April 15, 2016

Written by Farooq Ameen for Fifty Under Fifty: Innovators of the 21st Century Fumihiko Maki, the remarkably modest Pritzker recipient and architect of the new Four World Trade Center complex in New York, recently discussed his manifesto to a spellbound audience of nearly 3000 individuals in the most dense city in the world: Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was not a coincidence that some of the world’s most creative designers, historians and activists had descended upon this unbridled South Asian megalopolis. The challenges facing its future and that of the large majority of cities will demand the most innovative design solutions. Maki’s ephemeral work is grounded by the timeless Vitruvial essentials of Utilitas, Firmitas, Venustas, (Durability, Utility, Beauty), of which the third...

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