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Whether you love them or hate them eBooks have revolutionised the publishing world. The digital world has made books easily accessible to a whole generation of new readers. But how do you bridge the gap between print books and the online world?

The answer is interactive books which use key images with the printed book to open up exciting digital features through a mobile device.

Why Interactive Books?

An interactive book enriches the message or information contained throughout the book and opens up a diverse range of unique features to explore additional information.

Imagine yourself reading about the innovative designs of Moshe Safdie. You flip to a page providing an interior layout, only it has an interactive feature that transports you to the building itself, taking you on a walkthrough of the building in all its glory. Added to this, the narration from the architect as they take you through their design process.

An interactive book offers an added depth to their readers. Print Books and eBook formats are an experience in themselves. Interactive books combine the visceral aspect of a printed book with the convenience of a digitally interactive eBook. Interactive books make reading an entirely different story altogether.


Interactive books are the next step in architectural publishing. Allowing architects to speak to the readers. Textbooks on architectural theory can speak directly to students offering information in an additional format that allows it to be absorbed more easily.

Tasks could be set throughout the text to be completed by the student and directly sent to the professor for evaluation.

Not only does an interactive book let the architect speak directly to the reader, an interactive book lets the building speak directly to the reader.

Concept art, sound and intuitive 360-degree video allows the reader to take a virtual walkthrough of any influential architectural landscape without ever having to leave the comfort of their lounge.

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Why Use Interactive Books? Why Not Just Use the Internet?

Put simply, convenience. Interactive books provide you with the information right when you are engaged with the topic. You don’t have to step away from the book to go the one step further to really get inside the topic you are reading.

Why Do Architects Need Interactive Books?

Interactive books let the architect make a real connection with the reader. You can speak to them directly. Offer them an insight into the mind. But for architects, the real value is the connection to potential clients. An interactive book can connect the readers directly to your site. Directly to where they can contact you.

Why Have IMAGES Created our Interactive Books range?

The world of publishing is constantly changing. Book lovers from all over the world are wanting more from the books.

And IMAGES readers are no different. They can get our books in print, to touch and smell. They can conveniently get them in eBook format. But interactive books bridge between the two that architects, designers and readers have been asking for.

And as the saying goes, ‘Give the people what they ask for!’.

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Scott Mullins
Scott Mullins