Modern Container Architecture

Images Publishing Shanghai

Edited by Aidan Hart

  • Shipping containers are the quintessential symbol of commerce and product distribution around the world.

    They represent global mobility and our capacity to move anything from anywhere. It is ironic, then, that they are increasingly being used for architectural installations, forming more static temporary and permanent structures, including housing. This book provides an informative overview of the advent of containerization and investigates a great range of modern architectural applications. It explores creativity in commercial design; innovative use of space; pop-up trends; plug-in architecture; how to balance budget with aesthetic concerns; and technical and structural considerations. Richly illustrated, with unique design narratives, the full-color case studies throughout showcase the innovative use of modern containers. This useful volume covers intelligent designs for multiple commercial and public uses, including art pavilion spaces, museums, research facilities and community hubs; and explores a wide range of residential architectural solutions, from high-end, sustainable designs and fit-outs through to disaster and emergency relief options.

  • ISBN: 9781864707052

    Dimensions: 300mm x 230mm

    Page Count: 248

    Publication Date: November 2016

    Colour: Full Colour

  • After completing an Architectural Design degree, Aidan Hart cut his teeth in Hong Kong and Singapore, working on large projects throughout Asia, moving from designer to Creative Director over a four-year period. Upon returning to South Africa in 1998, he joined DHK Architects, and, making partner eight months later, he jointly headed up DHI Design for three years. His strengths lie with his passion for design quality and creative flair. He constantly pushes the envelope to guarantee the best results for his clients, and this focus has resulted in numerous awards for various landmark projects, such as Ogilvy, Carne, Union Swiss, and others. Aidan Hart is a member of the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP), the region’s regulatory authority for the industry.


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