Interactive Books and Digital Interactive App

Get our new Interactive Books App today from the App Store! 

IMAGES' Interactive Books brings a revolution to printed books! 

Our Interactive Books allow you to digitally connect to a printed image, combining the quality of IMAGES’ hardcopy books with the power of digital technology.  

The IMAGES app uses digital watermarking technology to embed digital information into our printed books. This allows mobile and tablet devices to interact with the hardcopy pages through video, audio and online material. The app adds extra depth to the reading experience, allowing you to go beyond the physical pages and explore the information through your mobile device. It allows you to maintain a digital connection, update and expand information, long after your book has been printed. 

Why Use Interactive Books? Why Not Just Use the Internet?

Put simply, convenience. Interactive books provide you with the information right when you are engaged with the topic. You don’t have to step away from the book to go the one step further.To really get inside the topic you are reading. 

Interactive Books and Interactive App User Guide

Tips for detecting Interactive images in designated printed books:

Download the Images Publishing Interactive Book app from the iTunes App Store and launch on your mobile device.

Find any image in the book identified by this unique app logo. IMAGES App Interactive Books Scan Here

Hold your device 3 to 7 inches (5 to 15 centimeters) above the page and let the device’s camera focus anywhere on the image.

Interactive Books - How to use the Interactive Book App

Interactive image detection should be instant and will be indicated with a new link appearing below the viewfinder. If you don’t immediately see this link, slowly move your device toward or away from the image.

Then, tap the new link and be transported via the built-in browser.

For further instructions about how to use the app, please click here 

Interactive App Identified Images 

Images within our interactive books that can be activated using the IMAGES Interactive App can be identified by this  interactive logo now featured in selected IMAGES interactive book titles. Using the Images Publishing app, these images can be scanned using a mobile device linking you directly to the corresponding digital content. 

Look for these logos on this website  

Featured Interactive Book titles that are activated to use with our app are now available on our website. To identify these titles and their type of active content please look for these logos: