100 Great Extensions & Renovations

Images Publishing

Philip Jodidio

  • Homeowners search continuously for ways to rework existing residential space for improved size, comfort, functionality and financial gain. As this timely publication shows, an architect must possess significant skill to create such extraordinary extensions and renovations to suit an existing structure. From simple room additions to complete demolition and rebuilding projects, this book explores some of the infinite ways in which architects have reinvented original homes. The results are astonishing in their diversity and innovation. Detailed project descriptions, drawings and full-colour before and after photographs explain the thinking and process behind each extension from inception to completion.

  • ISBN: 9781920744519

    Dimensions: 286mm x 286mm

    Page Count: 344

    Publication Date: Apr 2007

    Colour: Full Colour

  • Boora Architects - Architect
    w: www.boora.com

    Boyarsky Murphy Architects - Architect
    w: www.boyarskymurphy.com


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