100 of The World's Best Houses

Images Publishing


Catherine Slessor

  • This best-selling publication features exciting contemporary homes from some of the world's architectural 'greats', including Hugh Newell Jacobsen, Rem Koolhaas, Kisho Kurokawa, Eric Owen Moss, Antoine Predock, Harry Seidler, Steven Ehrlich, Sean Godsell Architects, Rick Joy, Alberto Baeza and others.

    The houses featured in this book are inspirational for their richly varied designs, reflecting lifestyles from around the world. Illustrated with full-colour photographs and drawings, it has wide appeal for both the general reader and those interested in the finer points of design.

    Houses featured from the following countries;- USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Australia & New Zealand among others

  • ISBN: 9781864704358

    Dimensions: 210mm x 210mm

    Page Count: 342

    Publication Date: Feb 2011

    Colour: Full Colour



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