21st Century Architecture Alfresco Living: Contemporary Outdoor Spaces

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Mandy Herbet

  • 21st Century Architecture: Alfresco Living features courtyard gardens and terraces designed to become part of the interior spaces of the homes they adjoin. Providing an attractive solution for time-poor owners, these low-maintenance gardens function as outdoor extensions of everyday living spaces.Many of the courtyards featured are architect designed,while others are the work of landscape designers. Though each designers approach to the outdoors is unique, all demonstrate a mindfulness of bringing the outdoors inside,and extending the sense of space on both sides of the floor-to-ceiling glass walls and doors.

  • ISBN: 9781864705126

    Dimensions: 254mm x 254mm

    Page Count: 224

    Publication Date: May 2013

    Colour: Full Colour

  • Habitat

    The evolution of the outdoor area into a fully fledged part of a home has seen the design of these spaces reach stunning new heights in recent times. Reflecting the increasing emphasis on alfresco living, many of these spaces are now architect-designed, making them truly an extension of the main building as well as a bridge to the landscape. This is the common thread of the projects featured in the book, which range from a sky garden house in Singapore to a rooftop garden atop a 110-year-old New York City building to the award-winning Marimekko House in Mosman Park. - Oct 2013

    Specifier Magazine

    This book explores some of the more modern trends in the way that outdoor space is not used simply as a designated space for decks, swimming pools and courtyards but creating a connection between the indoors and outdoors. The book studies alfresco living in Japan and Los Angeles, where the high population density means that space is at a premium. It explores ways in which alfresco living can be used to escape the claustrophobia and create a sense of personal space. - Aug/Sept 2013

    The Age 'Domain'

    Alfresco Living is a showcase of contemporary outdoor areas from houses around the world curated for practicality as well as soothing, relaxing beauty. It contains several Melbourne homes, and ideas from all the other properties could be easily transferred to our backyards. The book also pays attention to the transition areas with clever ideas on blurring the boundaries between indoors and out. - Aug 2013

    Belle Magazine

    Outdoor rooms have become de regueur in modern homes. Those featured here include courtyards, terraces and green roofs. Some have swimming pools, others make the most of limited space in urban settings. All show why, even when we're sitting in the comfort of our living rooms, we love to be in contact with the great outdoors. - Aug/Sept 2013


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