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Beth Browne

  • Whether prompted by an uncertain global economy, a decrease in the average family size or a growing desire to tread more lightly on the land and share limited resources, more people are choosing apartment living than ever before. This trend, combined with a greater-than-ever range of construction and finishing materials, has led to a plethora of exciting new apartment builds and remodels worldwide.

    Today, both owners and architects are benefiting from the myriad interior design and material options at their fingertips, making the dream apartment more attainable than ever before. This stunningly photographed digest of contemporary apartment designs is packed with ideas for making the most of any apartment layout, from small, compact spaces to multi-level homes.

    Each apartment has been chosen for its creative use of space, artfully chosen furnishings and impressive interior design. From sleek modern lines to ornate classical detailing or futuristic pods, the diversity of styles featured means that there is a design to suit every aesthetic.

    Descriptive text outlining the clients brief and architects responses is accompanied by valuable project data, detailed plans and drawings, providing further insight into what makes these designs great. For architects, interior designers or anyone seeking to buy, build or remodel an apartment in the 21st century, this is an invaluable and inspirational sourcebook bursting with practical ideas.

    Features designs by international architects such as 57STUDIO, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Carver + Schicketanz, JohnsenSchmaling, Maria Castello Arquetecte, MoHen Design, Morphogenesis, OlsenKundig, Seidel Architects and UNStudio, among many others.Project locations include Australia, Chile, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, NewZealand, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA.

  • ISBN: 9781864704457

    Dimensions: 254mm x 254mm

    Page Count: 224

    Publication Date: Aug 2011

    Colour: Full Colour

  • Specifier Magazine

    21st Century Architecture: Apartment Living brings together a stunning selection of some of the most creative and impressive contemporary apartments from across the globe. From sleek modernist lines to ornate classical detailing...this volume is sure to provide a valuable guide to the homes in the sky. If you are at all sceptical about how interesting and stylish multi-residential life can be, just open this book. ...The common thread is clever, contemporary design. - Oct 2011

    My Property Preview (QLD)

    21st Century Architecture Apartment Living showcases some of the most innovative apartment designs available to inspire readers to make the most of any apartment layout. Sunday Canberra Times March 11, 2012 This beautifully photographed book is only missing one thing the following warning: 'Will cause serious apartment envy' - Oct 2011

    The Age Domain

    The book is wonderful, such a stylish layout and fascinating projects. Downsizing, environmental concerns, affordability - they are all pushing us in the direction of apartments and smaller living zones. This book is dedicated to apartment living, showing that sacrificing space does not mean sacrificing cutting-edge design and style.-Aug 2011

    Cream Magazine

    A book that’ll look great on your coffee table after you redecorate. Read full review here - Nov 2011



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