3 Steel Houses

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Barton Myers

  • Since 1970, the architect Barton Myers has constructed three custom-designed steel residences in addition to developing a flexible prototype for standardised, mass-produced housing. Each project represents a unique approach to a radically different set of client, site and building requirements, demonstrating the versatility that steel construction holds in urban, suburban and semi-rural contexts.

    Viewed collectively, Myers' work creatively envisions the potential that mass production, using exposed steel frame construction and standardised off-the-shelf industrial components, can hold for environmentally sensitive design. Barton Myers' steel houses reflect a pop art-inspired, high-tech informality and playfulness in plan and aesthetic and are important examples of the continued dream which steel-and-glass residential construction holds for contemporary designers.

    This book is a unique, in-depth study of three major residential projects, allowing the reader a rare insight into the architectural design process. Each project is presented in remarkable detail, with full-colour photographs, sketches, plans and text, including the architect's own thoughts on the creation of each home.

  • ISBN: 9781876907891

    Dimensions: 300mm x 223mm

    Page Count: 128

    Publication Date: April 2005

    Colour: Full Colour

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