A Pocketful of Watercolors

Images Publishing

Philip Enquist

  • Paint and brush have enabled watercolourist Philip Enquist to see more deeply into the natural systems of air, land and water that are his working palette. In a sense, the arc of Enquist's career, from architectural student to one of America's leading urban masterplanners, reflects his journey as a watercolourist noted for his simplicity of design and thoughtfulness of colour.

    Enquist claims that watercolors opened his eyes to the richness of the world by using a 'big brush, small watercolour' technique that requires him to subsume surface detail into a deeper sensibility. To Enquist, watercolours ultimately are about opening up the world so that what can be seen with the eyes and painted with a brush can be cherished by the heart.

  • ISBN: 9781864702835

    Dimensions: 156mm x 156mm

    Page Count: 246

    Publication Date: Sep 2009

    Colour: Full Colour

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