A2RC Architects: The Master Architect Series

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  • The work of internationally renowned, Brussels-based architectural and design firm A2RC ARCHITECTS forms a close link between art, architecture and the urban environment. Critical of attempts over the last few decades to ‘modernise’ Brussels, the firm is steadfast in its dedication to the continuing urbanisation of the city by implementing new ways of urban living. A2RC ARCHITECTS has pursued the rehabilitation of Brussels by offering full architectural services for the construction of new buildings and urban communities, particularly large-scale, mixed-use urban ensembles. It also has a strong reputation for the successful transformation, restoration, and re-adaptation of noteworthy buildings across a wide range of projects, including theatres, opera houses, museums, public parks, parliaments and congress centres. This book documents and explores the work of a firm dedicated to the future of one of Europe’s most historic and beautiful cities, but it also shows the architecture and design communities how the firm is these days working towards using its knowledge in other cities beset by similar urbanisation issues.

  • ISBN: 9781864701579

    Dimensions: 252mm x 234mm

    Page Count: 432

    Publication Date: Sept 2016

    Colour: Full Colour

  • The office of the internationally renowned architectural and design firm A2RC ARCHITECTS was established in Brussels (Belgium) in 1983 by architects Brigitte D’Helft and Michel Verliefden. A savoir-faire coupled with a profound knowledge of the procedures, institutions, and particularly the decision-makers in the complicated maze of the ‘Capital of Europe’ has resulted in many successfully completed projects, several being recognised on both the Belgian and the international scene by the jury of organisations such as the Règles d’Or de l’Urbanisme in Brussels, the MIPIM in Cannes (France), Europa Nostra in The Hague (The Netherlands) or the RICS in London (United Kingdom), to name a few.

  • We would like to advise the correction/addition of the following information concerning: page 349: Project Facts // UP-Site: Partners: Ateliers Lion 3. Offices: Number of storeys: 8 (instead of 78); pages 90-109: Cluster Chambon // Project facts: Partners: Jaspers-Eyers Architects; Page 318: graphic scale: should read 50m instead of 10m. 

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