Adventurous Wine Architecture

Images Publishing

Michael Webb

  • The popular image of the winery remains the picturesque European chateau, but a growing number of winemakers around the world are seeking a fresh approach. Architects are being challenged to rethink the winery as a bold contemporary expression of tradition and innovation, agriculture and technology, production and hospitality: powerful architecture with a serious purpose.

    This refreshing book by well-known architectural writer Michael Webb contains a selection of wineries designed by architects such as Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano, Steven Holl, Herzog & de Meuron, Santiago Calatrava, Rafael Moneo, Glenn Murcutt, Norman Foster and more. Each project has been carefully chosen for its architectural excellence and offers a new perspective on an age-old craft, and an adventurous approach to building.

    The locations are evocative: California, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, Spain, Chile and Argentina. The featured projects provide an introduction to the neophyte and are a delight for the connoisseur.

    Award- winning architectural photographer Erhard Pfeiffer's spectacular photography leads the reader to some of the most idyllic places on earth.

  • ISBN 9781920744335

    Dimensions: 268mm x 286mm

    Page Count: 204

    Publication Date: Aug 2005

    Colour: Full Colour

Category: beverages

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