An Ideal Collaboration: The Art of Classical Details II

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 Phillip James Dodd 

  • Phillip James Dodd looks at some of the finest examples of contemporary classical architecture in Great Britain and the United States, while also examining how collaboration is the key to their successful design.

    In reality collaborative relationships are rare, especially among designers, where each is often focused on their own individual objectives and unable to transcend their own egos. Often used as a catch-phrase, but not often realized, true collaboration requires an understanding—and an appreciation—of the role that all parties play in the design and construction of a home.

    An Ideal Collaboration includes the work of some of the most notable names in contemporary residential design. Architects, decorators, landscape designers, consultants, builders, craftsmen, artists and vendors, all address the design process and the pivotal role that collaboration plays in creating cohesive timeless designs.

  • ISBN: 9781864706017 

    Dimensions: 248mm x 248mm

    Page Count: 256

    Publication: Aug 2015

    Colour: Full Colour

  • Philip James Dodd

    A native of Manchester, England, Phillip attended the prestigious Prince of Wales’ Institute of Architecture in London—where he was taught by many of the architects featured in this book. 

    He received a Degree in Architecture from his hometown university, before moving to America, where he gained a Masters in Architecture from the University of Notre Dame. After training with some of the most recognized residential architectural firms in America, Phillip started his own design firm Phillip James Dodd: Bespoke Residential Design. With a reputation as one of the foremost experts on classical architecture and interiors, Phillip is fast becoming one of the most sought-after young residential designers practicing today. His designs can be found in Manhattan, Greenwich, and Palm Beachranging from an 800-square-foot (74-square-meter) pied-à-terre to a 20,000-square-foot (1,858-square-meter) waterfront estate property.

    He is also a Fellow Emeritus at the Institute of Classical Architecture (ICA), and Classical America (CA), where from 2006 to 2009 he served as the jury coordinator for the annual Arthur Ross Awards. Phillip has taught classical design at the ICA & CA and at Notre Dame, and has been a guest critic for the Interiors Departments at Parson’s School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology.

  • We acknowledge and apologise for the following errors made during the publication of An Ideal Collaboration:

    Page 52, paragraph six should begin: Each individual’s impressions of the same scene cause difficulty for viewers seeking consensus on what they’re observing. We found that by assembling and viewing all the essential colors and finishes in the right place, under the right lighting, and at the right moment, more consensus can be had in two minutes of looking than in many hours of talking around a conference table.

    Page 55, paragraph two, sentence four onwards should read: Observing a model in Philip Johnson’s office, we appropriated classic New England Barn Red and Asphalted Black for his Da Monsta gallery. Joe D’Urso found a Gainsburger when other reds fell short. Ross Bleckner unearthed a coffee bean to tint the perfect floor. Bill Liberman couldn’t resist indicating cow urine for the yellow of the Met’s Contemporary Wing.

    Page 55, paragraph four should begin: One question often hanging in the air is, “What color is this room?” We prefer to ask, “How light or dark is the space?” and even before that, “Where is the sun?” Color selecting depends on accurately gauged levels and flows of light to calculate values.

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