Architecton: An Ecology of Culture

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  • Founded in 2001 by Dr. Alexander Zusik, Architecton has become one of Moscows leading design firms for both residential and commercial developments. With a focus on urban planning projects, Architecton delivers innovative design on a global level. 

    With over 30 projects from around Europe, South America and Southeast Asia, this monograph highlights the design direction and global cultural context that help illustrate Dr. Zusiks vision: a firm that focuses on environmental and social responsibility while still maintaining a connection to the traditional. Featuring a combination of completed and proposed projects, Architecton: Architecture as Ecology of Cultureprovides a fascinating insight into a leading Russian architectural firm.

  • ISBN: 9781864705669

    Dimensions: 245mm x 340mm

    Page Count: 256

    Publication Date: Feb 2014

    Colour: Full Colour


Category: Architect, monograph

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