Bicycling Through Time: The Farren Collection

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Paul & Charlie Farren

  • Paul Farren claims he and his wife Charlie have around 85 percent of the pre-1900 bicycles in Australia all under one roof in a Melbourne warehouse-cum-museum. Thirty years of hunting them down and collecting has resulted in one of the most impressive early bike collections in the world. It includes 160 pre-1900 bicycles, including hobby horses, boneshakers and Penny Farthings, as well as early 20th-century models. 

    The collection charts the development of the bicycle, which foreshadows the invention of the motor car in many surprising ways. It also shows wider social change and the role the bicycle has played in female emancipation, war and its progression from plaything of the wealthy to utilitarian mode of transport of the masses.

  • ISBN: 9781864705195

    Dimensions: 254mm x 254mm

    Page Count: 252

    Publication Date: June 2013

    Colour: Full Colour

  • Country Home Ideas

    Many people love to collect antiques to decorate their homes, but Paul Farren has taken this love of collecting one step further and turned his interest in bicycle riding into a fully-fledged collection. Thirty years of hunting down and collecting these unique pieces has resulted in one of the most impressive early bicycle collections in the world, which features 160 pre-1900 bicycles, including hobby horses, boneshakers and Penny Farthings as well as early 20th-century models. Featuring full-colour images of the finest antique bikes in the collection, Bicycling Through Time is a gem for any cycling enthusiast. - May 2014

    Ride on Magazine

    In a warehouse in the backstreets of Melbourne, Paul and Charlie Farren have built one of the most comprehensive collections of early bicycles in the world. Charting the history of the bike's development, as well as the social changes it brought, the collection of 160 pre-1900 bikes is revealed in fascinating detail. - September 2013

    Checkpoint Magazine

    The book is more than a series of photographs documenting this important collection, though the photos are cleverly taken and beautifully laid out. Paul's commentary on the machines, their provenance, and their acquisition, adds another level to our comprehension of what it means to be a passionate collector and historian, and what that means to our heritage as cyclists. This book is a great read, attractive to the eye, the production values are lavish, printed on sumptuous heavy paper, and it feels and smells like a book, not a computer! - Spring 2013

    West Australian Newspaper - 'West Weekend' Magazine

    There's something deliciously Alice Through the Looking Glass about Paul Farren's 200-plus collection of bicycles, which are housed in a Melbourne 'warehouse-cum-museum'. At least, that's the impression you get leafing through this delightful coffee-table book pack with colour photographs of pedal-powered transportation both old and elegant, and associated paraphernalia such as riding attire, posters, advertisements, tools and machinery. - 7 September, 2013

    Old Bike Australasia Magazine

    This beautifully illustrated book is a fascinating segue through the development of two-wheeled transport, and motorcyclists will connect with many of the brands here. The photography by Peter Horsely is simply superb. An excellent local publication. - September 2013

    Treadline Magazine

    Housed in a Melbourne warehouse, the Farren Collection is amongst the most impressive early bike collections in the world. With over 160 pre-1900 bicycles and many early 20th Century models, the collection charts the development of the bicycle and its role in wider social change. Its richness is beautifully captured with each item accompanied by historical photographs and documents. We especially love Paul and Charlie Farren's anecdotes about acquiring each bike and why it was so important to them. - September 2013

    PEZ Cycling News- Feb 7th 2016

    A Passion for Ancient Wheels Book Review


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