Body Culture: Max Dupain

Images Publishing

Isobel Crombie

  • Max Dupain is regarded as one of Australia's most significant photographers. For the first time, this book charts his work in relation to the impact in Australia of 'body culture', a broad-ranging movement in the interwar period that was concerned with the revitalisation of the individual and social body.

    In this engaging and dynamic book Dr Isobel Crombie persuasively argues, through both text and illustrations, that our understanding of photography is enlivened when it is seen as part of this movement. In particular, she shows how Australia's most distinctive contribution to 'body culture' was through the depiction of the lifesaver and the surfer and that the popularity of these iconic figures was largely enabled through photography.

  • ISBN: 9781920744564

    Dimensions: 280mm x 228mm

    Page Count: 192

    Publication Date: Sep 2004

    Colour: Full Colour