C.Y. Lee & Partners: Selected & Current Works

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Mandy Herbet

  • C.Y. Lee & Partners is an architectural firm led by renowned architects, C.Y. Lee and C.P. Wang, with four partners V.T. Wu, James Wang, Chuck Chen and Victor Huang. In the three decades since its founding in 1978, C.Y. Lee & Partners has adhered to the architectural design principles based on oriental philosophy in all of its designs. They have been repeatedly recognised, locally and internationally, for their creative contributions to high-rise, commercial and residential architecture, outstanding cultural approach in urban planning and continuous focus on oriental philosophies. 

    This monograph is one that truly stands apart. This is a big statement about big buildings that have big impact. The scale of architecture produced by C.Y. Lee & Partners has a strong visual impact. This book is a complete joy to read and you cannot help but feel you are witnessing a type of poetry or artwork as you are mesmerised within its pages. 

    C.Y. Lee has not only made use of the term room for expression in his designs, but also successfully plays it to the fullest extent to test the waters of different expression like no other architect has ever dared to do. This reflects the courage and painstaking effort he has exhibited in his endeavours to elevate architectural creation into the realm of the arts. 

    The architecture featured in this ground-breaking monograph will leave you inspired!

  • ISBN: 9781876907105

    Dimensions: 306mm x 306mm

    Page Count: 392

    Publication Date: May 2013

    Colour: Full Colour


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