Charles R. Stinson Architects: Compositions in Nature

Images Publishing

Camille LeFevre

  • Architect Charles R. Stinson conceives each project as a balance of space and light, where horizonal and vertical planed converge harmoniously and natural light brings the outside in. The result is a living space that is both translucent and grounding; a place that lifts the spirit and connects those who live there.

    Whether he is envisioning a family home or creating an entire community, Stinson views the compositional process as the art of 'putting families and friendships' together. Architects and client collaborate to define an architectural vision that seamlessly joins beauty with function and interior with exterior.

    The book explores Charles Stinson's most significant work, offering readers an opportunity to see the spaces that live and breathe light in his homes, commercial projects and neighbourhood. Renowned photographer Peter Bastianelli-Kerze captures these compositions in full colour and scope.

    Stinson's own sketches add an intimate layer to this stunning collection of works. Charles R Stinson Architects: Compositions in Nature Were delighted to have been advised by Charles R Stinson Architects that they have taken on a project in Dubai as a result of this title. This is a great example of IMAGES far-reaching influence!

  • ISBN: 9781864702996

    Dimensions: 300mm x 223mm

    Page Count: 256

    Publication Date: Aug 2008

    Colour: Full Colour

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