Cool Architecture: Designing for Cold Climates

Images Publishing

Sarah Noal

  • The projects featured in this new publication are as inspiring as their locations - from a remote hotel in Chile to spacious residences in North America, from corporate structures in Scandinavia to mountain accommodation in Europe and Australia.

    Despite such diversity, all the projects shown share one important theme. They have been designed to withstand various cold-climate conditions including sub-zero temperatures, frequent freeze-thaw cycles, heavy snowfalls and the long, dark days of arctic winters. Each project is accompanied by a description outlining some of its cold-climate design features.

    Projects are illustrated with full-colour photographs, and plans and drawings to showcase innovative building interiors and exteriors, set in stunning winter landscapes.

  • ISBN: 9781920744274

    Dimensions: 200mm x 243mm

    Page Count: 191

    Publication Date: Nov 2003

    Colour: Full Colour


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