Courtyards for Modern Living: Contemporary Outdoor Spaces

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Stephen Crafti

  • Gardens have changed significantly over the last couple of decades, and clever architects and designers know that incorporating an outdoor living space can improve a dwellings aesthetic, not to mention its value. In the 1980s, manicured lawns framed with box hedges and annuals were a common site. It seemed that both space and water supply were unlimited.

    Courtyards for Modern Living presents beautiful gardens which have been designed for locations around the world that represent the changed reality of drier climates, and heralded in a preference for native species, drought-tolerant plants, and even a new popularity of the humble succulent.

    Contemporary houses also reflect a move towards enjoying larger houses built on smaller sites, so that available space is turned into a multifunctional courtyard that is usually accessed from the kitchen and living areas.

    Author Stephen Crafti (Beach Houses Down Under, H2O and Ultimate Urban Makeover) presents an inspired study of what makes outdoor rooms so appealing. Including many tips to guide the architect or the DIY enthusiast,Courtyards for Modern Living features courtyards, balconies and gardens that are extensions of the very house itself.

  • ISBN: 9781864702828

    Dimensions: 260mm x 260mm

    Page Count: 228

    Publication Date: Aug 2008

    Colour: Full Colour

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