Dattner Architects

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  • Since the founding of Dattner Architects in 1964, more than 100 of its designs have been recognized for design excellence. Projects for a wide range of communities, clients and users demonstrate the firm's respect for context and the need of the people it serves.The work of Dattner Architects aims at the realisation of its clients' highest aspirations while respecting shared social and environmental responsibility and building within available resources.

    This new publication follows the Master Architects Series monograph of 2000, and features Dattner Architects' recent innovative designs including cultural, educational, housing, community, recreational, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects.

  • ISBN: 9781864702859

    Dimensions: 280mm x 216mm

    Page Count: 144

    Publication Date: May 2009

    Colour: Full Colour

Category: Architect, monograph

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