Designing with Black: Architecture and Interiors

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Stephen Crafti

  • Stephen Crafti has always been drawn to black houses, irrespective of the materials they are constructed from be they zinc, timber or simply painted. Unlike many modern houses that scream for attention, black houses sit quietly in the landscape, accentuating the often verdant landscape. There is also a sense of calm and tranquillity about a black home. 

    Crafti doesn't live in a black house, but he recently upgraded a 1930s home. Everything I touched was changed to black, from the timber fences to the timber floorboards. I even added black curtains and planted black beared irises in his garden. Using black seemed to unify disparate elements in and around his home. While there are numerous black features in Craftis house, his ideal would be to live in a contemporary black house, with black furniture and black walls. And maybe even a garden filled with black plants. This book, showcasing black houses, is the starting point towards this goal.

  • ISBN: 9781864704853

    Dimensions: 260mm x 260mm

    Page Count: 224

    Publication Date: March 2013

    Colour: Full Colour

  • Melbourne Home Design & Living

    For as long as he can remember, Stephen Crafti has been captivated by black houses. Whether it be zinc, timber or simply painted, Craftis deep appreciation of all things black exists irrespective of the material or finish. In his book Designing with Black: Architecture & Interiors, the Melbourne-based architectural writer has hand-picked 30 stunning houses that have been built, designed and furnished with black. Featuring stunning photography and interviews with some of the industrys leading contemporary architects, the book beautifully demonstrates the calmness and tranquillity a black home offers, and has been organised according to the following themes: Black Exteriors, Living in Black, Details of Black, Kitchens And Dining in Black, and In Black And White. Crafti illustrates through the book how black, though chic and sophisticated, can also exude warmth. Black is definitely the new black! - September 2013

    Grand Designs Australia Magazine

    Melbourne-based designer Stephen Crafti has a love of black houses. Designing With Black: Architecture & Interiors is Stephen's dedication to the homes that inspire him. Featuring architectural works from Fabre/deMarien, Nord Architecture and Remy Architects, this book shows readers the most prominent and beautiful black homes in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Argentina. Stephen's book is the start of his journey to having his own all-black home - it will also be the start of yours. - August 2013

    My Property Preview

    Stephen Craft has set out to change perceptions and has filled the pages of his book with many examples of building, designs and furnishings with black - whether it's encasing an oceanside retreat, painted on a library floor, or applied liberally to kitchen cabinetry. Black is beautiful, so, are you game enough to try it at home? - August 2013

    Herald Sun 'Home' Magazine

    It seems minimalism and monochromatic tendencies go hand-in-hand, and many of the homes featured are stunning exercises in tasteful restraint. - July 2013


    Timeless and elegant, black houses appear ageless. Whether clad in stained timber or in steel, black makes a quiet statement among considerably 'noisier' neighbours, providing a soft ambience in the streetscape, and the allowing the landscape to dominate. - Winter 2013

    Country Home Ideas Annual

    Black has always had a timeless, elegant feel and whether homes are clad in stained black timber, zinc or steel, they occupy a quiet, reflective space in the streetscapes. In Designing With Black, architecture and design writer Stephen Crafti takes the reader on a trip illustrating the many aspects of building, designing and furnishing with black from facades and interiors, through to the dining room, courtyard and even the roof. - July 2013

    Design Pilgrim

    Bold. Daring. Moody. Monochrome. At times difficult to pull off, it is the brave decorator who uses a black base for their home design and style. But when done well the results are, quite simply, stunning. In Designing With Black by Stephen Crafti, you see just how to do it right. Read the full review here - May 2013

    Belle Magazine

    These homes, from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South America, show the impact that can be gained by going over to the dark side. Whether the claddings are man-made (such as steel and zinc) or natural (like white mahogany stained black), the effect is always striking. - Apr/May 2013


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