For Everyone a Garden

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Moshe Safdie

  • Moshe Safdie achieved worldwide recognition as an architect when his very first building, Habitat 67, at Expo in Montreal, proved to be eminently livable.

    He was also enthusiastically praised as a writer on architectural and human values after the publication of his first book, Beyond Habitat (The MIT Press, 1970). He has since added to his luster a number of exciting architectural projects, and now this book, For Everyone a Garden, goes beyond Beyond Habitat in several ways: it provides further detail and technical specificity of Safdie's experience with industrialized building methods for architects and engineers; it updates the status of ongoing projects; and, best of all, it throws off a cascade of sparkling new ideas about people, building, planning, sites, processes, and their interactions. His readers will be glad to know that he remains as outspoken as ever.

    This edition is a special anniversary re-issue on the commemoration of the 2015 AIA Gold Medal award-winning book, For Everyone a Garden. The book is an integral synthesis of words and pictures. The greater part of its total net area is devoted to illustrations—about 125 drawings, 165 halftones, and 5 color photographs, supported by substantial captions—while the text proper puts these into perspective from four thematic points of view: the idea of the three-dimensional community; the requirements and possibilities of human habitation, ranging in amenity from the minimal to the luxurious; the techniques of building in the factory, with a case study that includes a typical plant layout and simplified flow diagrams; and the attributes of well-planned urban meeting places, whether in Jerusalem, Paris, or San Francisco.

    Safdie Architects is an international architecture and urban planning practice founded and led by Moshe Safdie. Deeply committed to the creation of architecture that responds to local and regional characteristics of landscape, climate, cultural heritage and contemporary life, Safdie is recognised for creating welcoming buildings and public spaces that contribute in meaningful ways to their settings while catalysing a vibrant public life.

  • ISBN: 9780262191081

    Dimensions: 226mm x 226mm

    Page Count: 352

    Publication Date: April 2015

    Colour: Full Colour

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