Green Streetscape Design with Stormwater Management

Images Publishing Shanghai

Edited by Frank Loos and Martine van Vliet

  • As people witness the effects of climate change causing storms of greater frequency and severity, stormwater management in green streetscape design provides an added safeguard that can help mitigate flash flooding during these events.

    Green street design helps manage stormwater runoff to minimize the amount of pollutants that reach the waterways during rain storms. It also increase the safety and walkability of streets and beautify city. This book provides a toolkit and reference of design projects for city agencies, contractors, landscape designers to help achieve their goals. Offering a detailed green streetscape design guideline with accompanying stormwater management methods, the book is augmented with selected design cases, presented with rich narratives, detailed plans and drawings, and beautiful hi- resolution photography. This book is an informative guide for practitioners to create an attractive, efficient and sustainable urban streetscape, while managing polluted stormwater and achieving a cleaner environment.

  • ISBN: 9781864706451

    Dimensions: 300mm x 245mm

    Page Count: 246

    Publication: April 2016

    Colour: Full Colour

  • Frank Loos is an architect and urban planner who studied at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam.

    He started his career at UNStudio and continued as director of Bureau B+B landscape architecture and urban planning. He co-founded studio LOOSvanVLIET in Haarlem, Netherlands with Martine van Vliet in 2009. His work is characterized by combining landscape, urban planning, architecture, and sustainable thinking. His projects ranges from objects to large-scale area developments.

    Martine van Vliet is an urban planner and landscape architect. She graduated from the IAHL in Boskoop / Velp in 1995, studied urbanism on the Academy of Architecture from 1995 until 2001, and passed her state exam for both urban planning and landscape architecture.

    She formed the team of managing directors of Bureau B+B from 2001 until 2009, when she co-founded LOOSvanVLIET with Freek Loos. She works internationally on both urban planning, landscape, and public space, on multiple scales. The identity and context of the place is often a starting point for her design. She works on bright and durable designs with innovative solutions in which detailing is essential. Plantations form an important part of her design.

Category: Urbanism

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