House Design - Volume 3: Themes and Variations

Images Publishing

Michael Webb

  • Ray Kappe is a master of interlocking spaces and carefully modulated light. An enlightened planner and dedicated teacher, Kappe also founded the Southern California Institute of Architecture. He has never tried to be in fashion, which means his buildings have never gone out of style - as the juxtaposition between old and new photography in this book clearly demonstrates. However, he has been on the cutting edge in developing new structural forms and making his spaces energy efficient.

    In this first major survey of his work, 11 of Kappe's best houses are featured, many illustrated with photographs by Erhard Pfeiffer, alongside several early projects. This book is informatively written by author and journalist Michael Webb with a foreword by John M. Johansen, FAIA.

  • ISBN: 9781864700077

    Dimensions: 306mm x 228mm

    Page Count: 104

    Publication Date: May 2004

    Colour: Full Colour

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