In Residence: McInturff Architects

Images Publishing

Mark McInturff

  • The essence of this exceptional book is McInturff Architects' zeal for home design.

    McIntuff Architects is a small firm based in Bethesda, Maryland. Its unique work acknowledges that a house is different from any other building, and that a level of emotional investment is necessary if the house is to be regarded as a 'home'.

    The attention to detail, the infusion of warmth and character and the sheer delight in good design are evident in the projects superbly presented in this new addition to IMAGES' portfolio of Residential titles.

  • ISBN: 9781864701241

    Dimensions: 286mm x 286mm

    Page Count: 128

    Publication Date: Aug 2007

    Colour: Full Colour

Category: monograph

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