Interiors: Collaboration + Technology

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      • Interiors: Collaboration + Technology is one of two slimline volumes showcasing the work of STUDIOS Architecture, an international design practice with offices in the USA and Europe.

        In its 20 years of practice, STUDIOS has amassed a portfolio of more than 2000 built works, in all sectors and in a variety of sizes and levels complexity.

        STUDIOS is known for its bold, innovative approach to commercial, academic, civic and government architecture projects around the world. Its interiors projects include office spaces, theatres, restaurants, retail stores and showrooms, and fitness centres and spas. The same level of rigorous design and technical expertise is evident in its interior design projects as its architectural projects.

        Projects featured in Interiors: Collaboration + Technology include corporate headquarters, entertainment company headquarters, government office interiors, and many others.  The companion volume Buildings: Innovation + Technology includes designs for higher education, health and fitness, government and commercial buildings.
      • ISBN: 9781864703283

        Dimensions: 289mm x 260mm

        Page Count: 96

        Publication Date: Dec 2008

        Colour: Full Colour

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