Janson Goldstein: Work

Images Publishing


Authors Mark Janson, Hal Goldstein, Steven Scuro

  • This is the first monograph by New York–based architecture and interior design firm Janson Goldstein.

    Janson Goldstein’s diverse practice ranges from artisan-crafted custom furnishings, to highly personalized homes and apartments, to large-scale urban retail, hospitality, and condominium projects.

    The firm’s founding principles were to bring the disciplines of architecture and interior design together under one roof, and to embrace a diversity of project typologies. The result is a richness of unique ideas, from conceptual development through to the materiality of the executed work, that is evident in every project.

    With this richly photographed monograph, we illustrate how these principles have been implemented in more than 400 projects world-wide.

  • ISBN: 9781864706062

    Dimensions: 248mm x 248mm

    Page Count: 256

    Publication: Oct 2015

    Colour: Full Colour

  • About Authors

    Janson Goldstein LLP was founded in 1995 by Mark Janson and Hal Goldstein, and joined by partner Steven Scuro in 2000. Janson Goldstein combines the disciplines of architecture and interior design, providing clients with the resources they need to conceive and execute a project seamlessly inside and out. The firm’s three partners share a common background, all having worked with both architecture and interior design firms prior to establishing Janson Goldstein. Janson has worked on notable and award- winning projects for Steven Holl, Goldstein for I.M. Pei and Steven Holl, and Scuro for John Saladino. All three partners worked together at Naomi Leff & Associates, where they executed important retail and residential projects worldwide.

  • Hampton’s Magazine Dec 2015

    Just in time for Janson Goldstein’s 20th anniversary comes Work (Images Publishing), a book that delves into the architecture firm’s wide-ranging portfolio, from artisan-crafted custom-furnishings to large-scale commercial projects.

    Editor at Large November 2015

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    World-Architects November 2015

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    Visual Merchandising and Store Design

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