Japanese Garden

Images Publishing Shanghai

Edited by Hirofumi Suga

  • Japanese gardens (niwa) are a Japanese landscape category, which derives from the Japanese aesthetic and philosophical ideas, and closely relates to Japanese religious and cultural rituals.

    Represented by dry gardens, tea gardens and stroll gardens, Japanese gardens incorporate the miniaturization and abstraction of the natural landscape, taking the naturalistic approach to expand the use of gardens to include spirituality. Japanese garden design is also open to modern design adaptations. For landscape designers, the study of Japanese gardens provides both classical inspiration and novel landscape elements, which could be put into modern landscape design practice. This book presents a remarkable collection of Japanese garden design projects, which will inspire designers to greater heights of discovery and creation.

  • ISBN: 9781864706482

    Dimensions: 300mm x 240mm

    Page Count: 224

    Publication: Sept 2015

    Colour: Full Colour

  • Hirofumi Suga is a Japanese garden designer (niwashi). He was born in May 31, 1972, in Shakujii-koen.

    At the age of 17, he started working as a gardener at Shinwa Garden Firm in Tokyo, and went to Kyoto to work at Murakami Gardening Firm about three years later. After those experiences, he started the design firm Ichimoku-Isseki at the age of 22, which evolved to 1moku(ichimoku) now.

    While working on garden creation, Suga has taken part in a wide range of projects, gaining a deep knowledge of interior design and the design of commercial spaces. Suga believes that a gardener should do more than simply building a garden. He attempts to ensure that spaces embody their underlying philosophy. Always aspiring to enhance the status of professional gardeners, he has extended his field from the exteriors of private homes to urban landscaping.

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