Kurilpa Bridge

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Haig Beck and Jackie Cooper

  • The Kurilpa Bridge project was an opportunity to not only make a new pedestrian and cycle connection across Brisbane's river, it was an opportunity to form a new public space.

    The result is a symbol of a city, which is forging an identity at the forefront of art, science and technology.

    The conceptualisation was based upon Buckminster Fullers principles of tensegrity.Its priority was to simultaneously resolve unusual physical challenges, such as navigational constraints and motorway spanning and embrace the spirit of a city which is relaxed, subtropical and seeking to prioritise walking, cycling and healthy lifestyle.

    Equally, the design of the structure and its spaces is conceived to celebrate and engage with the river both viewed from its vantage points and viewed out from its primary and ancillary spaces.

    Lastly, on an international perspective, it is designed to embody and convey Brisbane's emergence as a contemporary design city.

  • ISBN: 9781864704082

    Dimensions: 251mm x 276mm

    Page Count: 160

    Publication Date: Nov 2011

    Colour: Full Colour

  • Specifier Magazine

    The Kurilpa Bridge is undeniably one of Brisbane's most unique landmarks, and breaks many of the conventions that we typically associate with bridges. Its uniqueness is so notable, in fact, that it is the subject of a book. Kurilpa Bridge by Haig Beck and Jackie Cooper explores the genesis of this remarkable bridge. In doing so, they also provide a lot of background information on general principles of bridge design, and is bolstered with enough specialised information on structural engineering to engage even the most technically proficient bridge-enthusiasts. They take particular care to explain the concept of tensegrity, the structural principle that informs Kurilpas striking design. Also worth reading is the humourously titled abridged history of bridges, which reviews the evolution of the bridge in a short and highly readable format. - March 2012


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