Large Landscape

Images Publishing Shanghai

Jean Cabanel

  • Large landscapes use abstract patterns and natural materials to create a harmonious environment, and it's these concepts that landscape designers harness to create an attractive vista.

    This impressive, richly illustrated book approaches the large-format landscaping theme by introducing its history across varied cultures, from the Romans to the present day, the methods used to rally the ecological landscape construction, the structure of the spaces, and current projects that showcase new design methodologies, implementation and management processes.

    Large Landscape talks to the evolution and current statements of large landscape planning projects across France, and speaks vividly, through informative descriptions and spectacular imagery, on the significant planning experiences of large-format landscape designers. Some of the interesting case studies herein include rural farming areas, terraced mountain regions, local parklands, lakes and beach fronts.

    This volume carries many dialogues across a wide range of projects and styles, including the reconnection between a coastal habitat and a city center that reconciles urban infrastructure, such as railroad tracks and walkways, with the beach or river; the rehabilitation of a refuse dump into sustainable, rainwater garden vegetation and parkland; the creative economies of marrying forestry management of a 60-hectare park with animal husbandry, wood farming, accommodations, and employment; and the ecological refurbishment of a natural wetland and abandoned mining region.

  • ISBN: 9781864706413

    Dimensions: 260mm x 240mm

    Page Count: 208

    Publication: Sept 2015

    Colour: Full Colour

  • Jean Cabanel, author of many books already published on the subject of landscape, Jean Cabanel led, for many years, the team at Landscape Mission and then ran the Office of Landscaping of the Ministries Responsible for the Environment and Equipment.

    His work has allowed a clarification of the methods connected with the management and development of large landscapes. His active role in the diffusion of ideas and of knowledge stands out in this spectacular work, Large Landscape.

    Photography by Raymond Sauvaire.

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