Making Childhood Colorful: Designing Books for Children

Images Publishing Shanghai

Wang Xiaodan

  • This book exhibits several high-quality children’s book designs from various countries, covering a wide variety of different styles.

    It presents not only beautiful, cute, and dynamic illustrations, but also a wide range of layout features. It steps through the process of building the main features of the book, styling, vivid images; finding the appropriate style and category to ensure the child’s full development of all their sensory elements; creating form design through format and materials; applying the design arts, such as illustration design, typography, color, jacket and general interest; and how to inspire with design trends. More than 80 works from all around the world are featured, across the full range of picture books, pop-up books, interactive books, among others. Most of the designers featured in this superb compilation have many years of experience and have published many acclaimed works.

    This publication is dedicated to helping students and designers find inspiration and improving their skills in children’s book design.

  • ISBN: 9781864706604

    Dimensions: 280mm x 240mm

    Page Count: 266

    Publication: April 2016

    Colour: Full Colour

  • Wang Xiaodan received a Master’s degree in 2010 and now works as a lecturer in the Academy of Fine Arts of Liaoning Normal University.

    She is engaged mainly with teaching and research work of computer graphics and image processing, illustration design, creative graphic design and other related courses. She is also the winner of the China Packaging Design Award 2008.

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