New Conversations with an Old Landscape

Images Publishing

Catherin Bull

  • This book explores the work of landscape architects in Australia since the 1960s. It describes how they are, as contemporary Australians, listening more closely to the language of the landscape and designing new landscapes in response.

    These designed landscapes manifest 'new conversations' between the land and its people, from the coast to the outback, the city and the suburbs. These works have their own story and meaning; they tell us something of Australia and how contemporary Australians live.

    Catherin Bull holds the Elisabeth Murdoch Chair in Landscape Architecture at the University of Melbourne where she teaches, researches and publishes on theory and practice in Landscape Architecture and urban design. She is also a fellow and past president of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.

  • ISBN: 9781876907655

    Dimensions: 214mm x 287mm

    Page Count: 160

    Publication Date: Oct 2002

    Colour: Full Colour

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