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Miquel Tres

  • The pool is an aspirational motif that recurs across the history of residential architecture, no matter which era or location. From the impressive palace baths of Europe and the magnificent pools of luxurious mansions and country estates, to the stylish and contemporary designer terraces and the humble, tucked away inner-city courtyards of the average home in all structures the themes of style, engineering, and design are standard.

    In Pools: Design and form with water, renowned photographer Miquel Tres spectacular full-color images and detailed narratives showcase a wide selection of pool designs from around the world. This book features a multitude of examples in a wide range of styles: natural chemical-free pools with purifying systems; rustic pools which use local materials and natural depuration methods in sometimes rural settings; contemporary dazzlers and designer pools for interior and exterior spaces, including illuminated designs and other modern features. 

    Pools will help the aspiring landscape or interior designer to determine the latest trends and to consider strong garden contexts and landscape planning, outdoor pool-site plans, materials and furniture.

  • ISBN: 9781864705867

    Dimensions: 235mm x 260mm

    Page Count: 224

    Publication Date: Sep 2014

    Colour: Full Colour

  • Queensland Homes Magazine

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    Splash Magazine

    This new pictorial book by photographer Miquel Tres focusses on swimming pools from around the world. It features spectacular full colour images and detailed descriptions. POOLS can help identify trends by showcasing a wide selection of pool designs and styles: from natural chemical-free pools and rustic pools utilising local materials to contemporary designer pools for interior and exterior spaces. Miquel Tres is a travel photographer who also specialises in interior design and garden photography. His images are published regularly in Spanish, Italian, German, French and English language magazines. - Nov 2014


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