Research for the Global Good: Supporting a better world for all

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Daniel D. Watch

  • Scientific discoveries are transforming our lives and the economies of nations worldwidewe live in an amazing time. In exploring the dynamic changes taking place in research and the monumental impact these changes will have on our livesResearch for the Global Good sheds light upon the vast research opportunities at hand and shows how economies, health, education, and the environment can be transformed through dedicated research and development.

    By encouraging leaders of private industry and academic institutions, politicians, philanthropists, and scientists to join with others to support researchwhether through financing, political decision-making, education, laboratory construction, or through conducting the actual researchauthor Dan Watch is passionate in his belief that scientific potential can be maximized for the greater good. This book seeks to inspire readers to support research that can improve the lives of people worldwide.

  • ISBN:9781864703979

    Dimensions: 347mmx183mm

    Page Count: 212

    Publication Date: April 2010

    Colour: Full Colour


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