Reviving Great Houses from the Past

Images Publishing

Stephen Crafti

  • Reviving is a detailed study of significant restorations and remodels of houses built between 1900 and 1950 in Australia. Now highly sought-after, structures from this era are being cleverly reworked by architects to reveal stunning contemporary spaces within.

    The houses featured are all very different, both in terms of style and scale. Some are almost palatial; others little more than what were once known as workers cottages. However, irrespective of size or location, all of these houses exemplify how successful renovations can be achieved from a number of different approaches.

  • ISBN: 9781864704655

    Dimensions: 267mm x 224mm

    Page Count: 216

    Publication Date: Sep 2012

    Colour: Full Colour

  • Good Reading Magazine

    The clever architectural work featured in this book shows how the original facades have been retained while allowing the inhabitants to live modern lives behind them. - March 2013

    Grand Designs Australia Magazine

    With the popularity of renovations shows soaring on prime-time TV, it is a great time for designers to show off their talents in transforming an old building into a space that speaks of its heritage, while also fitting into the contemporary designs of today. Stephen Crafti does just this in his book. Whether you're a designer, architect, DIY renovator or simply a fan of the television programme, you will love the charm and passion for good design that reverberates from the featured buildings. -
    Dec/Jan 2013


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