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Russell Abraham

  • The latest from leading architectural photographer and writer, Russell Abraham, Rural Modern presents a tantalising selection of modern country houses in a variety of styles and forms.

    The 21st century has seen rural residential architecture take ideas from both the Modern Bauhaus design movement and the ever-popular Shingle Style. The result is a style that borrows from vernacular forms and materials, but uses them in new ways. Issues of sustainability and energy conservation are also key to contemporary country house design. Orienting windows to capture heat in winter, but protect the house from the sun in summer is an ongoing design objective. The modern country house is a hybrid of several ingenious ideas blended together to create a modern, sustainable and highly liveable architecture that respects the past and looks forward into the future.

  • ISBN: 9781864704877

    Dimensions: 254mm x 254mm

    Page Count: 224

    Publication Date: May 2013

    Colour: Full Colour

  • Belle Magazine 

    Here's a selection of properties by American architects showcasing the best of contemporary country-house design. Blending ideas from modern Bauhaus and the US shingle style, these homes combine sustainability, livability and good looks. - Oct/Nov 2013

    Specifier Magazine

    Rural Modern is a tantalising collection of modern country houses compiled by leading architectural photographer and writer, Russell Abraham...It features a number of rural residences captured in stunning photography and is accompanied by information detailing the background of each architect whose work is included...Through 240 pages of fascinating studies of rural modern projects, the book encapsulates the essential features of a contemporary country house and the attractive blend of old and new features. - Aug/Sept 2013

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