Ruth Lynford: My Life in Design

Images Publishing

Marlene Ann Birkham

  • Ruth Lynford, President of Lynford Limited in New York, is inspired by design. She graduated in architecture from Washington University in St. Louis in 1946. Ruth then set out for Manhattan with her first husband, Franklyn. She joined a leading architectural firm but quickly encountered prejudice as a woman in a male profession. Ruth then broke stride and stepped into interior design, which was then in its infancy. This is the story of a trailblazer, who dared to be different.

    Through images and personal reflections, this book invites its audience to experience Ruth Lynford’s lively coming of age as a person and a professional. Ruth’s life encapsulates the American Dream – from humble beginnings in the Midwest to a life of influence, glamour and style in New York and overseas.

  • ISBN: 9781864705164

    Dimensions: 235mm x 158mm

    Page Count: 152

    Publication Date: March 2013

    Colour: Full Colour

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