Street Talk: The Rise and Fall of the Poster

Images Publishing

Malcolm Frost

  • This is a fascinating look at the medium of the poster in the current climate of competing electronic communication. Angharad Lewis, from the UK magazine, Grafik, discusses the success or failure of the poster as a medium today, against rival mediums such as email and the internet. Is the traditional democracy and accessibility of the public poster still relevant, when contrasted with the closely targeted audience of electronic media.

    The history of the poster and contemporary approaches are discussed, as well as poster-specific graphics, illustration, photography and typography. More than 100 posters are presented, each with an illuminating discussion of problem, solution, background, budget and mechanical details.A highly entertaining, contemporary and informative book about an enduring art form.

  • ISBN: 9781864701234

    Dimensions: 300mm x 223mm

    Page Count: 224

    Publication Date Aug 2006

    Colour: Full Colour


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