The Art of Classical Details: Theory, Design and Craftsmanship

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Phillip Dodd

  • The well-judged use of classical details in a new home has an additional significance that cannot be underestimated. It is an expression of an informed personal choice and an aesthetic statement of faith in civilised values and an evocation of the delight in the human senses light and touch, or the sensation of the warmth of sunlight falling on stone. This is true of all houses featured in this book.

    In The Art of Classical Details,classically trained architect, Phillip Dodd, takes a close look at some of the finest examples of neo-Classical architecture around the world. Featuring essays written by a range of skilled contemporary classicists as well as projects by top UK and US Classical architects, the book is the definitive guide to the world of neo-Classical architectural detailing.

  • ISBN: 9781864702033

    Dimensions: 241mm x 241mm

    Page Count: 256

    Publication Date: Nov 2012

    Colour: Full Colour

  • Traditional Building

    This excellent new book by Phillip James Dodd offers satisfaction in a greater variety of ways than most works on architectural design would attempt, let alone achieve. It is both lovely to look at and rewarding to read. It is a pleasure to pick up and quickly browse; it is also worthwhile to study... October 2014

    Melbourne Home Design & Living

    Showcasing the work of celebrated architects in Great Britain and the United States, The Art of Classical Details takes a close-up look at some of the finest examples of contemporary classical architecture. Offering insight into the fundamentals of classical architecture, with an emphasis on Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, and Composite columns, the text is accompanied by stunning full-page photographs and renderings, illustrating the use of fine materials, intricate detailing, and superb artisanship. In an age of modern minimalism, the brilliant detail and exquisite visuals of The Art of Classical Details is sure to inspire a new appreciation for classical design. - September 2013

    Home Design Magazine 

    Architect Phillip James Dodd explores the best examples of classical architecture in The Art of Classical Details. Broken into two main sections, the book compiles scholarly essays with projects from renowned neo-classical UK and US architects. With stunning full-page photographs and insightful writing, Dodd's book invites readers with an appreciation for theory, craftmanship and timeless design to explore how classicism continues to inspire architects today. - September 2013

    Country Home Ideas Magazine

    From a stunning Park Avenue apartment in New York City to a spectacular Hollywood Regency house in Los Angeles and a beautiful New Colonial house in the Bahamas, The Art of Classical Details is must-have reading for anyone with an interest in the theory and practice of classical design. - July 2013

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