The Garden Bible: Designing your perfect outdoor space

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Authors  Barbara Ballinger and Michael Glassman 

  • Transforming outdoor space is one of the hottest home trends today. Landscaping expands living space square footage, makes a property more usable, and keeps homeowners healthier whether they grow vegetables or swim laps. It also makes a neighborhood more aesthetically attractive and community minded.

    The Garden Bible can help homeowners understand the challenges of their outdoor space and what they need to do to create their garden and make it thrive. Photographed in rich full-color, this book will teach you how to develop a master plan for your yard. Many garden books explain how to grow specific flowers, care for shrubs, trees and lawn, and construct fences and hardscape. None take a homeowner from the beginning of the process: how to ask a professional the right questions, how to develop a budget, and how to identify and troubleshoot the challenges of their yard—drainage, erosion, privacy, noise, wind, too much or too little sun or shade. The Garden Bible will help you plan and problem solve so that your garden will grow, evolve, and be sustainable for years to come. Few books delve into landscaping style and cost-saving solutions as this insightful, beautifully illustrated book does.

    Barbara Ballinger, a well-known real estate, design and garden writer for more than four decades, and Michael Glassman, an award-winning landscape designer for over 35 years and author of seven books on landscape design and gardening, guide you through the process of designing your perfect garden. Showcasing the stories of how almost 30 home owners designed, budgeted and built their landscapes—The

    The Garden Bible shows you that not only is a great garden beautiful to look at, but it’s also great for the soul.

  • ISBN: 9781864706185

    Dimensions: 254mm x 254mm

    Page Count: 224

    Publication: Nov 2015

    Colour: Full Colour

  • About Authors

    • Barbara Ballinger has written about gardens through her design and real estate work for more than 40 years and has a wonderful garden at her home, including a large organic vegetable patch of four raised planters with watering station, gravel floor, herbs surrounding it, and all framed by blue slate low ‘walls.’

    • Michael Glassman is an award-winning landscape designer and also a serious photographer whose work has been published. He and Barbara currently write the widely read blog, The Bare Root.

  • House & Garden Magazine – Dec 2015

    The Garden Bible takes you through the process of planning and transforming your garden, with advice on creating a sustainable design.

    Outdoor Design & Living – December 2015,

    The underlying principle of The Garden Bible is that there are some essential elements of design that everyone can learn, helping them to create a garden that will be extraordinary. The book starts by covering all the basics: how to assess the site and climate, developing a realistic budget, hiring landscape professionals, working out a garden style and how to identify problems early. These chapters touch on a wide range of garden elements, from outdoor kitchen basics to natural swimming pools to edible landscaping. Next domes gardens to inspire. The authors have drawn together 29 garden profiles. Each looks at the site issues, project challenges, problem-solving solutions, key design details and more. Landscape plans are also included. The gardens, all by American designers, except for one from Melbourne’s Jim Fogarty, cover the gamut of styles.

    Belle Magazine – Feb 2016

    For some, gardening is a form of religion so the title of this book is quite appropriate. It is a real go-to-manual for transforming an outdoor space, whether it’s a pocket-sized inner-city plot or a vast country estate. The photographs are inspiring, but it’s the common sense advice that will convert every reader into a garden guru.

    Landscaping Your Garden Magazine Jan/Feb 2016

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    Country Home Ideas – March 2016

    Whether it’s extending your indoor living areas outside, installing a pool or putting in a vegetable garden, transforming your outdoor spaces is one of the most popular home trends today. In The Garden Bible, real estate and design writer Barbara Ballinger and landscape designer Michael Glassman show readers how to understand the challenges of their outdoor spaces and what they need to do to create a beautiful garden and help it to thrive. With an emphasis on creating functional yet stylish spaces, this informative book is designed to teach you how to develop a master plan for your backyard, from understanding your site and climate and setting a budget to hiring professionals, finding your garden style and how to identify and solve problems such as drainage, erosion, privacy, noise, wind, too much or too little sun or shade plus a useful list of garden blogs and books. There is also a section that showcases the stories of how almost 30 home owners designed, budgeted and built their landscapes, including the details, problems and solutions for each project.

    Outdoor Rooms – March 2016

    As its title suggests, this books is the go-to guide when creating a fully-fledged outdoor space. The Garden Bible provides homeowners with all the information they need to completely transform their backyards. From the basics right down to the nitty gritty, such as how to grow certain plants and construct fences, this book covers an extensive range of garden topics. This comprehensive guide gives instructions on how to ask a professional the right questions, develop a budget, and identify and troubleshoot the challenges of yard drainage, erosion, privacy, noise, wind and too much or too little sun or shade. The Garden Bible will help you plan and problem-solve so that your garden will grow, evolve and be sustainable for years to come.

    Get Growing Mag- Feb 2016

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    NZ Gardener magazine, April 2016

    This is a seriously informative and beautiful guide. It reviews over 20 actual landscaping jobs and outlines the design, budgetary and climatic issues and constraints the designers had to consider. Is your plot in year-round shade? They have the plants for you. Want to get rid of your lawn but don’t know how? They show how to use hard landscaping to break up the space. The book guides you through site analysis, working out a budget, how to find a contractor and create a sun chart. (Oh how I wish I’d done this with our supposedly north-facing garden!) Written by a landscape designer, the focus is on hard landscaping solutions rather than the plants themselves. Other books provide better descriptions of the importance of different garden textures and plant lists for particular soils, climate and conditions. (Though this publication is from North America, where climates vary hugely across the continent, so the omission is understandable.) If you’re just beginning your gardening journey, or are about to make over an existing patch, this is a very good place to start.

    Better Homes & Gardens – June 2016

    The Garden Bible: Designing Your Perfect Outdoor Space… a garden A to Z, from planning to creating your own style while not wasting money. With inspiring insights into how others have fulfilled their visions, it’s filled with the sort of practical problem-solving information not normally found in such books. The authors are North American, as are most of the gardens featured, but the appeal is universal.

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