Aesthetica Magazine interviews Alexander Wong

Aesthetica Magazine has a great interview with the award-winning architect Alexander Wong about his new book Archiphantasy:

Alexander Wong is an award-winning architect who specialises in luxury homes as well as avant-garde architectural and interior design for residential, retail, leisure, hospitality and cultural Projects. A new monograph, Archiphantasy, features the firm’s most ambitious projects to date. Upon release of the publication, Wong discusses his inspirations and an innovative approach to design.

A: Where did your interest in interior design begin?
My interest in the arts started when I was very young. I’ve been told that I drew on the walls with dire consequences even as a toddler. But perhaps what inspired me most about functionality with interiors was the farmhouse my Grandmother designed and built back in 1920s at Taishan (also known as Toisan) in the Guangdong province of China. It is an ingenious design filled with innovative surprises. The staircase is almost Shaker-like in design. At the entrance, there is a giant monolithic stone tray with drainage where one can wash away the mud from the fields. The visit made an indelible impression on me. I think building a house changes you forever.

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