Exterior of luxury residential home, large tree to centre of swimming pool, NEW HOUSES IN ASIA in blue above.

New Houses in Asia

Inspired Architecture and Interiors for the Modern World

Introduction by Terence Tan


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  • Richly illustrated with full-colour photographs of award-winning houses from across the Asia region, from Japan to Singapore, and Vietnam to Malaysia
  • Each project describes details of how challenges such as typhoons, heat, humidity or snow were successfully dealt with
  • Includes more than 30 modern designer houses by award-winning and high-profile architects
  • Provides a useful reference guide for residential architecture design in contemporary Asia
Full Description

Designing modern homes across the Asia region comes with many different and varied challenges, from extreme heat and humidity, to cyclonic rain and winds, and even snow and earthquakes. This stunning edition showcases recent award-winning designs for houses in Asia, with details of how each architect met the various challenges faced, and how they responded to the various requirements imposed by the site’s environment or local culture. Beautifully presented with full-colour images of award-winning architecture, the selection of houses provides a wealth of information: from how to design a multi-generation home to best practice for keeping the interior cool during the heat. This curated list of the best new and contemporary examples of modern designer houses in Asia charts important trends in modernity while providing an important guide to how architects meet the challenges, and forming an important reference guide.

About the Author
Terence Tan, of FOMA Architects, wrote the introduction. FOMA Architects, founded in 2012 by Tan Chun Hao and Terence Tan, is a firm based in Singapore. FOMA Architects holds fast to the belief that good architecture and interior design is achieved by striking a coherent balance between man, nature and their respective environments.
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The Images Publishing Group
2nd Oct 2020
World excluding Japan and South East Asia
280 mm x 212 mm
256 Pages
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