Snowy mountainous landscape with large trees and 2 residential buildings below with Winter Homes Cozy Living in Style in grey font above

Winter Homes

Cozy Living in Style

Introduction by Jeanette Wall


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  • A beautifully illustrated and inspirational book to send a shiver down the reader’s spine, and best enjoyed with a hot drink or curled up in front of a warm fireplace
  • Engaging descriptions of each project by the owners, detailing challenges, benefits, and full of tips and tricks from the experts
  • Covers a wide range of residences from across the globe, including Canada, France, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Poland, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States
  • Best design practices illustrated with examples for warm and cosy houses and interiors, how to design for wintery conditions, including large snow loads
Full Description

There’s an elemental satisfaction in living in a cosy sanctuary in the midst of a snowy landscape. It evokes feelings of warmth, security, refuge, and comfort. Winter Homes beautifully illustrates examples from winter wonderlands around the globe and provides ingenious solutions on how the home’s design is formulated, and the architectural and interior design techniques used to create both a connection to nature and contend with biting winter conditions.

Curl up in front of the fire with this gorgeous edition, crammed full of evocative images, and take a journey through some of the world’s best contemporary and stylish winter residences, be they atop mountains, deep in the valleys, forests or plains, or along coastal regions. Bask in the splendid vicarious warmth from your sofa and enjoy the beauty of a home that is perfectly designed for a moody winter landscape.

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The Images Publishing Group
6th Sep 2021
280 mm x 212 mm
256 Pages
200 color
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