Formal Reflections in Architectural Conceptualization Rationality versus Sensation

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Ali GhaffarianHoseini, AmirHosein GhaffarianHoseini, Amirali Rafiee

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The Images Publishing Group
Territory: World excluding Japan, South Korea, North Korea, and South East Asia
Pages: 152

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  • A fascinating insight into philosophical theories as they relate to architectural conceptualization
  • Authors are leading professors, professional architects, and graphic designers with specialisms in architectural design and conceptualization

This title embraces philosophical theories behind architect-designed conceptualization, and how the potential arises for the generation of further innovative ideas. Featuring chapters on Architectural Design as a Way of Thinking, Conceptualization, Design Progression, Form, Function & Order: Conceptual Thinking, Conceptualization in the Design Process, Design Development and Space Crafting.

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