Raul di Pace Architecture

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Raul di Pace

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The Images Publishing Group
Territory: World excluding Japan, South Korea, North Korea, and South East Asia
Size: 300 mm x 223 mm
Pages: 256
Illustrations: 400 colour

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  • Provides a fresh perspective and contemporary analysis of the architecture and design of Brazillian architect Raul di Pace's practice
  • Features design innovations, accompanied by rich photography and detailed illustrations
  • Shows the ways in which Raul di Pace brings Brazilian minimalism, and a client-based DIY creativity to the changing landscape of South American architecture, and reflects the critical considerations of flexibility, creativity and a connection with the clients' needs
  • Presents how innovative projects incorporate multiple creative aspects resulting in a complex, layered response to the challenge of place, form and identity in Brazilian architecture

The architecture work of Brazil-based Raul di Pace is guided by creativity and innovation, and always comes with the awareness that it is providing a service to its customer. The firm's ideas happen naturally, and relate to the needs of the residents and their dreams for the place where they will live. A house is a place that must adapt to fit in with the time for which it is designed, and then it must continue to be a living environment as time and generations evolve. Before, cities had no running water and electricity - today most things are automated. To follow time is to adapt to new technologies, new materials, new habits and demands. We cannot imagine something as unchangeable, untouchable. A contemporary house cannot be simply a sanctuary. It should primarily be a pleasant space which provides adequate housing that serves the residents before anything else; it is up to the architect to remake, adapt, orient and reorient - all the while fulfilling this overall mission. Since the beginning, Raul di Pace's architecture is about the search to reinvent oneself, to propose new solutions, build to suit specific purposes. Heavily influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright's work, which was a process of reinvention from start to finish, this highly anticipated volume shows how Raul di Pace continues to reinvent its language based on the same premise: make less, splurge less, seek the essential.