Still Facing Infinity Sculpture by Erwin Hauer

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Erwin Hauer; edited by John Hill

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The Images Publishing Group
Territory: World excluding Japan, South Korea, North Korea, and South East Asia
Size: 273 mm x 260 mm
Pages: 224
Illustrations: 200 colour

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  • Monograph covering the long and successful career of sculptor Erwin Hauer, known for his infinitely expandable two- and three-dimensional works
  • Contains detailed presentations on a number of significant works, including Jerusalem Tower and Infinite Surface I-WP
  • Abundant array of full-colour and black-and-white photography

Over the course of 60-plus years, Erwin Hauer has created modular sculptures that feature penetrations and prominent interior voids yet, remarkably, are bonded by continuous surfaces. The modules of these sculptures contain the seeds of infinity: what Hauer calls 'continua'. Still Facing Infinity covers the full scope of Hauer's artistic oeuvre, from early two-dimensional works that double as room dividers to three-dimensional, space-filling sculptures that are conceptually similar to innovative architecture and engineering (works by Antoni Gaudi, Félix Candela, and Frei Otto) as well as advanced mathematical concepts (triply periodic infinite surfaces without self-intersections).

Hauer offers detailed presentations in writings as well as in abundant photographs of a number of significant works, including Jerusalem Tower and Infinite Surface I-WP, the basis for numerous tabletop and large-scale sculptures as well as for two independent series that explore multiple iterations of the infinite surface concept.

Introduction; Jerusalem Tower, Explorations in the Planar Dimension, The Earlier Family Tree, Matrix 54, The New Family Tree, Opportunities and Discoveries, Architectural Installations, Infinite Surfaces, Focus on Infinite Surface I-WP, The Nexus and Labyrinth Project, Linear Progressions, A Busman's Holiday; Appendix

Born in Vienna, Erwin Hauer studied the fine arts at the Academy of Applied Art, Vienna; the Accademia di Brera, Milan; the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence; and Yale University School of Art, New Haven, CT. He served on the faculty at the Yale University School of Art for 30 years. Hauer lives and works in Bethany, CT. He has had numerous individual and group exhibitions, and his work is represented in museum collections nationwide. Hauer's commissioned works are installed in the United States, Austria, Canada, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands Antilles, Venezuela, and Brazil. John T. Hill studied painting, design, and photography at the University of Georgia and Yale University. He served on the Yale Art School faculty for over 20 years, cofounding with Alvin Eisenman the Department of Photography and serving as Director of Graduate Studies in Photography from 1971 to 1978. He is the author and designer of books on Walker Evans, W. Eugene Smith, Edward Weston, and Peter Sekaer, as well as Erwin Hauer's previous monograph, Continua.