Building Character Transforming Old Homes for Modern Living

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Introductory texts by Santoso Budiman and Caleb Skene

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The Images Publishing Group
Territory: World excluding Japan and South East Asia
Size: 260 mm x 210 mm
Pages: 272
Illustrations: 400 colour

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  • Includes a selection of restoration ideas from around the world, including case studies from Europe, Scandinavia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, China, and Australia
  • Insightful commentaries by design professionals provide a valuable overview and framework for current trends, particularly in the use of materials, volume disposition and layout, heritage considerations, and much more

As the modern world changes and evolves, so does the modern lifestyle. Our levels of home comfort, desires, and overall life satisfactions are being defined in new ways, often contrasting with notions of the 'traditional' house design. We now strive to own more things, yet aim to live simpler lives; and we opt to reside in open-plan homes that provide a sense of freedom, too. All too often traditionally designed homes are no longer able to satisfy our contemporary living needs. The restoration of living spaces is usually to restore existing buildings that may have become impractical over time, if not outdated. These days, the challenge is how to adapt and transform these existing buildings to modern standards, all the while maintaining what may still be useful, special features or design characteristics, or what we like most about the space. Today, we prefer to live in quite open and airy spaces. We renovate and upgrade different levels of living spaces by upgrading installations and equipment, dismantling and rebuilding walls, and expanding building volumes, for instance. This book showcases a selection of examples of how people from around the world have refurbished an old house to meet their needs for a modern lifestyle. With vivid descriptions, detailed drawings and rich photography (including befores and afters), this book provides designers and architects, as well as owner-builders of old houses several excellent strategies on how to approach their restoration, and how to convey a modern life concept.

Santoso Budiman is principal and creative director with SWG Studio. Founded in 2009, SWG Studio is an interdisciplinary design-focused practice, providing design services for buildings, interiors, and objects. It works on extensions for private residential projects - dealing with issues of heritage overlay - as well as new builds and multi-residential developments, institutional and commercial projects, and interior design projects for hospitality, retail and office interiors. Budiman is a registered consultant with Heritage Victoria, Australia, with a key focus on heritage-listed public buildings for major institutions, such as Melbourne University and RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, and is a member of the Projects and Buildings Committee for a significant heritage building for the Anglican church in Melbourne's CBD. Caleb Skene is with MC Architecture Studio in New Zealand. Skene graduated with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies in 2018, and in the same year joined the team at MC Architecture Studio. Previous to architecture, Caleb studied Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury for a year in order to gain a better understanding of spatial qualities on a finely detailed scale, before delving into the world of architectural design. Now still holding on to the essence of sculpture and his artistic learnings, Caleb sees architecture as a sculptural form, as well as a place to reside.