Multifamily Housing

Multifamily Housing

Creating a Community

Foreword by Avi Friedman


  • Provides a fresh perspective and contemporary analysis of the innovation and designs on-trend in this architectural realm today
  • Features rich photography, plans, and detailed illustrations
  • Shows how key architects around the world handle the complexities of balancing design with environmental, social, economic and political factors
  • Presents innovative projects that incorporate responses to the challenges of blending form, place, community, and identity
  • Will appeal to all architects, landscape designers, urban planners, developer-clients, and educators
  • Has a dynamic focus on conceptual architectural design. The impressive array of projects include Kevin Daly s Broadway Housing, recognized for three AIA awards; GBD Architects Kiln Apartments, honored with an AIA 2030 Challenge Award; David Baker + Partner s Richardson Apartments, a wonderful example of a transformative community-centered initiative; YUUA Architects and Associates innovative interpretation of co-op housing, NOIE Cooperative House; and the astonishing Mirror Houses by Peter Pichler Architecture
Full Description

This inspiring new compilation is Images Publishing’s latest addition to the fast-evolving discourse on multifamily residences across the world. Architects, landscape designers, urban planners, and developer-clients are critical players in the rich textural landscape of multifamily housing architecture, design, production, and consumption. This richly illustrated book showcases how leading innovators in the field resolve some of the key challenges of consolidating the social, economic, environmental and political complexities of this subject in such a loaded cultural landscape. The wide-ranging projects featured in this highly anticipated volume showcase the strong emphasis placed on individual expression, identity, and communal sustainability in multifamily housing. Featuring spectacular project designs across a myriad of styles, including boutique apartment blocks, housing complexes, collective housing, social housing structures, low-cost housing estates, and more, this book will reveal in brilliant photographic detail how highly innovative architects from around the world deal with inserting a beautifully designed structure into the dense urban fabric of a community, for the largest city through to the small-scale environment. From boutique apartment blocks that embrace a modern, contemporary urban aesthetic to grand complexes dripping in luxury, or inventive builds catering to a mix of professionals and unique identities to the complex blending of the social and psychological needs of a community into a harmonious whole this book presents a wonderful collection of architectural solutions to multifamily residences.

About the Author

Avi Friedman, PhD, is a Professor of Architecture at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where he directs the Affordable Homes Research Group. He is also a practicing architect specialising in sustainable residential design and is known internationally for his housing innovation, in particular for The Grow Home and The Next Home, which were built in several countries. He has authored 16 books and is the recipient of many accolades, including the World Habitat Award, the Creative Achievement Award and the Life Time Achievement Award from Sustainable Buildings Canada. In the year 2000, he was selected by Wallpaper magazine as one of 10 people from around the world most likely to change the way we live in the new millennium.

The Images Publishing Group
31st Mar 2017
USA & Canada
9.17 in x 11.81 in
240 Pages
450 color
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